China: Human Rights: Baroness Cox Question for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

China: Human Rights
UIN HL9023, tabled on 12 October 2020

To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to the Written Answer by Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon on 23 September (HL7966), what plans they have to support calls for the establishment of a UN Commission of Inquiry to investigate reported human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

Answered on 26 October 2020
By Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon (Conservative, Life peer)

HART USA Report 2019

The new annual report from HART (Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust) Baroness Cox's charity has been published and I wanted to share with you some of the highlights of the report in a series of posts. 

I thought it would be good to first share the report from HART USA as the largest readership of this website ( is USA. (Andrew Haigh)

Here is the report of  HART USA -

HART USA was officially launched in February 2019 as a project of Leaders in Transformation (LIT), a registered 501(c)3 charity organisation in the US. HART USA seeks to help as a fundraising vehicle to support the work of Baroness Caroline Cox and the incredible HART partners around the world. 

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We also launched @BaronessCoxNews on Twitter which now also promotes Caroline's parliamentary press releases and my work here and as many charities that Caroline is a patron of or has a connection with. Thank you to all those who have recently followed. 

Baroness Cox Question for Department for International Trade Uighurs: China

Baroness Cox Question for Department for International Trade

Uighurs: China

To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to the Written Answer by Lord Grimstone of Boscobel on 23 September (HL7967), what plans they have to introduce legislation to ban the import of all goods mined, produced, or manufactured in Xinjiang, unless there is evidence that the goods were not produced using forced labour.
Asked 12 October 2020 

Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) URGENT STATMENT


Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh)
October 21st, 2020
HART (Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust) remains deeply concerned by the escalation of military offensives by Azerbaijan and Turkey against the historically-Armenian land of Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh). Civilian areas continue to be targeted with tanks, helicopters, drones, heavy artillery, multiple-launch rocket systems, including Smerch, and cluster bombs – in contravention of international law.

Reports of renewed offensives:

  • The shelling of Shushi cathedral, a civilian and cultural heritage site, which constitutes a war crime under international law.

Does Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) Fall Within the UN Remit for the Right to Self-Determination?

Gandzasar Monastery1.jpgDoes Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) Fall Within the UN Remit for the Right to Self-Determination?

This is the third in the series of three written by Dr Andrew Ashdown, Manager of Good Governance and Advocacy Development at HART.

The monastery at Gandzasar pictured here was commissioned by the House of Khachen and completed in 1238. Public Domain, Link

Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) may not under international law have yet become a, ‘sovereign and independent state’. However, it is a functioning autonomous democratic State system with instruments of State and a viable economy.

Armenia/Azerbaijan Conflict and the historical Background and the Current status of Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh)

Karte des Kaukasischen Isthmus - Entworfen und gezeichnet von J-Grassl - 1856.jpgArmenia/Azerbaijan Conflict and the historical Background and the Current status of Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh)

This is the second in a series of three posts By Dr Andrew Ashdown, Manager of Good Governance and Advocacy Development at HART.

Artsakh pictured here by Author: Meyer, Joseph, 1796-1856 Public Domain, Link was one of the three ancient provinces of Armenia, established 189 BC and located in the eastern end of the Armenian Plateau. The Historical roots of Artsakh trace back to the 5th century BC.

Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) and the Right to Self-Determination

Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) and the Right to Self-Determination

October 17th, 2020: (1) This is the first post in a series of three written by Dr Andrew Ashdown, who has joined HART as the Manager of Good Governance and Advocacy Development (HART). 
October 17th, 2020

“By virtue of the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, all peoples have the right freely to determine, without external interference, their political status and to pursue their economic, social and cultural development, and every State has the duty to respect this right in accordance with the provisions of the Charter.”

BREAKING: Azeri Attacks Threaten Nagorno Karabakh’s Only Disability Rehab Centre

Within a three-day period, all staff and patients of the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre were forced to evacuate.

In the midst of the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) lies a profound symbol of hope – The Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre – an internationally recognised ‘Centre of Excellence.’ Founded in 1998, following the end of the Nagorno Karabakh war, the Centre has 73 staff and annually treats approximately 160 inpatients and 384 outpatients. Staff make approximately 155 home visits per year to patients in the region. In 2018, the Centre provided 12,889 physical therapy sessions, 4,284 psychologist sessions, 3,166 speech therapy sessions and 2,302 hydrotherapy sessions. Its inspirational staff, led by the Centre’s Founder and Director Vardan Tadevosyan, have helped to break the stigma of disability which was widespread throughout the former Soviet Union.

Nagorno-Karabakh House of Lords Questions 7th October

Baroness Cox speaks in the House of Lords on Nagorno-Karabakh 

Baroness Cox (CB) [V]

My Lords, is the Minister aware that legal experts, such as Geoffrey Robertson QC, argue that Azerbaijan’s repeated claims to sovereignty over Karabakh can be refuted? It has always been predominantly occupied by ethnic Armenians. A referendum was held in 1992 with an overwhelming vote for independence, and Azerbaijan’s previous attempt at ethnic cleansing justifies Nagorno-Karabakh’s claim for self-determination under the UN charter. Azerbaijan’s continuing attempt now at ethnic cleansing involves violations of international law, including targeting civilians with tanks, helicopters, heavy artillery, multiple-launch rocket systems, including Smerch, and cluster bombs. What are Her Majesty’s Government doing to more actively promote an urgent ceasefire?

Baroness Cox latest: Azerbaijani-Turkish large scale aggression against Nagorno Karabakh URGENT CALL TO CEASE HOSTILITIES.

Baroness Cox has today released a latest urgent call to cease hostilities ..

Azerbaijani-Turkish large scale aggression against Nagorno Karabakh raising genocidal fears and risking regional escalation. URGENT CALL TO CEASE HOSTILITIES.

It is impossible to overstate the significance of the large scale aggression against Nagorno Karabakh by Azerbaijan and the extreme danger presented to the whole region by this escalation. Nagorno Karabakh/Artsakh has been an autonomous region since 1991, is 94% Armenian Christian, and has been seeking self-determination for decades. There has been a history of ethnic cleansing in Nagorno Karabakh against the Armenian population, and widespread teaching of Armenophobia and hate-speech in Azerbaijani educational and political discourse.

Baroness Cox Personal Update and commentary on the Azeri-Armenian war

A personal message from Baroness Cox on the escalation of the conflict by Azerbaijan against Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh).

To whom it may concern,

It is with profound concern that we are following the deeply disturbing escalation of the conflict by Azerbaijan against Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh).

It is impossible to overstate the significance of these events and the extreme danger presented to the whole region if they escalate further. We are in hourly contact with friends and partners on the ground in Armenia and in Nagorno Karabakh, as well as with the Armenian Embassy in London. In Stepanakert, residents have been sheltering in bomb shelters from shells that have targeted civilian areas. There is a palpable, and given past and recent history, a justifiable fear of a potential genocide if Azerbaijan were to succeed in reclaiming the Nagorno Karabakh territory. 

Baroness spoke in the House of Lords about the Trade Bill on 29th September

Baroness spoke in the House of Lords about the Trade Bill on 29th September

My Lords, I will speak very briefly, just to put on record the issues I would have highlighted in my speech if I had not ineptly failed to identify the amendments to which I intended to speak, for which I apologise. I will have much more to say when we reach Amendment 68, on genocide, at later sittings.

Baroness Cox speaks to Arman, a law student about Azerbaijan and Armenia and the realities on the ground

In the wake of renewed conflict and aggression between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Baroness Cox spoke to HART supporter and law student, Arman to discuss the realities on the ground that the British media are not presenting.

He revealed what is like living in Armenia at this time, how the UK can help to restore peace in the region and how Azerbaijani warmongering is happening despite the COVID-19 pandemic and international law.

Baroness Cox latest statement on the escalation of conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh

As the escalation of conflict continues in Nagorno-Karabakh which are now being widely reported in the international press. We are reminded of the warning letter Lady Cox wrote on the 17th July to Dominic Rabb, the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, concerning the rising tensions and violence on the Armenia-Azerbaijani border. The letter you can also read here..

Baroness Cox also speaks to Arman, a law student about Azerbaijan and Armenia and the realities on the ground which you can view the film interview here..

Baroness Cox written question for Department for Education on National FGM Centre: Finance – answered on 18th September 2020

Baroness Cox: To ask Her Majesty's Government what plans they have, if any, to reverse their decision to cap the funding of the National FGM Centre.

Answered on 18 September 2020 by:

Baroness Berridge Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department for International Trade) (Minister for Women), The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Education 

Baroness Cox Letter to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab MP Concerning Sanctions Imposed on Syria

Baroness Cox has authored a letter and co-signed, alongside two former ambassadors to Syria, two former Archbishop’s of Canterbury, a former Chief of General Staff of the British Army, a former Chief of Naval Staff and many others, a letter to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab imploring him to end the economic sanctions on Syria.

The letter of the 24th July reads as follows:

The Rt Hon Dominic Raab MP, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and First Secretary of State.

Dear First Secretary of State,

We write, first, to commend the introduction of a sanctions regime to target those involved in serious human rights violations. Such a forensic approach, you suggest, will send a clear and direct message to perpetrators of abuse without punishing the wider population of a country.

Baroness Cox Letter to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab Concerning Conflict on the Armenia-Azerbaijan Border

Baroness Cox has written to Dominic Rabb, the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, concerning the rising tensions and violence on the Armenia-Azerbaijani border. The letter of the 17th July reads as follows:

Dear Dominic,

I write to express my deep concerns about the serious risk of escalating conflict at the Armenia-Azerbaijani border – a matter of especial concern in the midst of a global pandemic.

Azerbaijan recently deployed artillery batteries close to civilian populations in Tavush, north-eastern Armenia, far north of the disputed territory of Nagorno Karabakh. I understand that four Armenian sergeants and officers were killed on 14 July. Ten servicemen are receiving medical treatment, one of whom remains in a critical condition.
I am deeply concerned by reports that the Azerbaijani military has since opened fire in the direction of a face mask production factory, which plays an essential part in the country’s coronavirus response; an attack this morning against a kindergarten in the village of Aygepar, Tavush; as well as reports that the Azeri Defence Minister has called for mass annihilation of the Armenian population and has threatened to target Armenia’s nuclear power station.

Baroness Cox Statement on the Armenian-Azerbaijani Border Clashes

Baroness Cox has released the following statement in response to the violence on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border:

“Recent military aggression by Azerbaijan against Armenia is deeply disturbing. The tragic war in which Azerbaijan tried to carry out ethnic cleansing of the historically Armenian enclave which Stalin placed in Azerbaijan should not be forgotten or repeated. This territory, Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) deserves international recognition of independence as much as recently independent nations such as East Timor, Eritrea and Kosovo. However, this has not been achieved because of intransigent opposition by Azerbaijan.
In 2016, Azerbaijan attempted to initiate a war which caused inevitable widespread suffering and a picture of an Azerbaijani soldier holding the head of a young Armenian soldier was widely circulated. Azerbaijan has long been threatening military conquest of Armenia and the international community must do everything in its power to stop another war from erupting.”
(The Baroness Cox of Queensbury 15/07/2020.)

Baroness Cox, Supports Open Letter To Protect Jasmine from FGM and allow her to stay in the UK

To: The Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, The Secretary of State for the Home Department

Baroness Cox said in the Guardian Newspaper: “Rather than digging its heels in over this case, the Home Office should use this opportunity to send a clear message to perpetrators that the UK does not tolerate FGM; that we will always champion the voice of the victim; and that we will do everything we can to ensure girls like Jasmine have the opportunity to make the most of their potential, without fear of being hurt by those closest to them.”
The letter published by the the Good Law Project alongside a petition launched on Friday.
We, the undersigned, write as concerned citizens in support of Jasmine (real name changed) and her family being granted refugee status to stay in the UK. Jasmine is age 11 and is at high risk of female genital mutilation (“FGM”) if she is returned to Bahrain or Sudan. Her story was featured in the Guardian on 3 July 2020 and it has roused significant public support.

Baroness Cox on Twitter, Zoom and Skype

Baroness Cox humanitarian work and advocacy in the United Kingdom's Parliament continued unabated during COVID - 19 lock down. Utilizing social media she keeps in contact with the many partners and colleagues around the world.

Here are some of the recent tweets and engagements she has taken part in using Zoom, Skype and other social media platforms during this time.

Baroness Cox campaigns for Syria

Baroness Cox campaigns for Syria

Baroness Cox has joined with former Ambassadors to Syria and fellow Peers to submit a letter to The Times Newspaper, campaigning for the British Government to lift sanctions on Syria in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

To read about Lady Cox humanitarian work in Syria please click on this link.

Baroness Cox Easter Message for Benefice of Witney Parish England

Benefice of Witney is an inclusive church embracing a hospitable Christianity. We are five Church of England churches, some large and some small, serving the town of Witney and the villages round about. We believe the church is called to be a community of mercy and kindness. You can visit them by clicking on this link 

Baroness Cox is looking forward to seeing everyone at Woldingham School

Baroness Cox enjoyed her trip to seeing everyone at Woldingham School. 

A Leading independent boarding/day school for girls, set in 700 acres of beautiful Surrey countryside only 25 mins from London. ISI inspection 100% 'excellent'. 

Lady Cox was speaking about her long experience as a CEO, campaigner and academic. Thank you for the really nice picture and tweet.

Baroness Caroline Cox visit to European Parliament Genocide of Armenians in Baku, Sumgait and Artsakh must be recognized

Lady Cox and
Catching up with Caroline can be a challenge as she is in great demand around the globe. As you know Lady Cox is also CEO of the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART), Lady Cox is also the founder of the Lady Cox rehabilitation Center which provides much needed care for the disabled in Nagorno-Karabakh.

During the 1920s the Nagorno-Karabakh region was assigned to Azerbaijan by Stalin. Armenians and Azerbaijanis lived together relatively peacefully until conflict broke out in 1988, as the USSR was dissolving. The conflict included the attempted ethnic cleansing of the Armenian population of the region. In May 1994 a ceasefire was brokered, but a formal peace treaty has never been agreed.
Efforts to foster a lasting peace, including greater international engagement, increased dialogue and confidence-building measures, are urgently needed.


briefs the Ngok Dinka people of
  #Abyei in Juba
On Wednesday 22 January, just after 7am, nomadic Misseriya herders attacked the Dinka village of Kolom in the disputed Abyei region on the Sudan-South Sudan border.

The herders arrived on tuk-tuks and motorbikes, armed with assault rifles and two RPG-7s. They killed 32 villagers and abducted 15 children, aged between 2 and 12. They also burned 22 tukuls (homes) and destroyed the local church and clinic.

Baroness Cox visited the village just hours after the attack. Many homes were still burning as she witnessed the digging of mass graves for the charred and mutilated bodies.

Survivors shared with her the following testimonies:

“Six of our elders spoke with the UN on Tuesday night to warn them about an imminent attack by the Arab militants. The next day, all six of the elders were killed. Why didn’t the UN protect us?”

Please read on and the latest update below from : Her Majesty’s Ambassador to South Sudan. Formerly UK Sudans’ Envoy; British High Commissioner Solomon Islands; HMA Senegal & CG in Cape Town #SSOT