Baroness Cox Statement on the Armenian-Azerbaijani Border Clashes

Baroness Cox has released the following statement in response to the violence on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border:

“Recent military aggression by Azerbaijan against Armenia is deeply disturbing. The tragic war in which Azerbaijan tried to carry out ethnic cleansing of the historically Armenian enclave which Stalin placed in Azerbaijan should not be forgotten or repeated. This territory, Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh) deserves international recognition of independence as much as recently independent nations such as East Timor, Eritrea and Kosovo. However, this has not been achieved because of intransigent opposition by Azerbaijan.
In 2016, Azerbaijan attempted to initiate a war which caused inevitable widespread suffering and a picture of an Azerbaijani soldier holding the head of a young Armenian soldier was widely circulated. Azerbaijan has long been threatening military conquest of Armenia and the international community must do everything in its power to stop another war from erupting.”
(The Baroness Cox of Queensbury 15/07/2020.)

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  1. Many thanks Baroness Cox, we are anticipating another powerful statement whereas the Government remains silent.