Baroness Cox voting record in Parliament October 2020

Find out how Baroness Cox votes on the issues you care about.

A new feature on will be a monthly view of how Lady Cox has voted on important issues. Your MP and members of the Lords votes on changes to British law on your behalf. When parliament is in session, they may do this a dozen times a week.

So on top of the huge amount of work Lady Cox does with supporting charities and individuals she also makes sure she is briefed on many other topics to enable her ladyship to vote. Below is the voting records for October 2020. 

Click on the pictures to have a better view -

There is a link at the end of this post if you want to visit The Public Whip, where the information comes from. (Andrew Haigh)

The Public Whip lets you see all their votes so please click on this link to find the original source.

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