Baroness Cox Merry Christmas to all her readers and a Journey of Compassion

Baroness Cox says a big thank you and Merry Christmas to all her readers of her website and all those who have left wonderful comments over the past year and shared links on social media.

Also a thank you to all those who have volunteered for HART (Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust) and for the financial support from our generous donors.

HART is a small charity that enables a large impact as its supports oppressed and persecuted communities hidden from international view. HART  has many donors who regularly support us monthly and some do so with just £2 a month and every penny is welcomed and Lady Cox wants to say a very Big thank-you to those donors as this goes a long way in places like Sudan.

Baroness Cox & Moses Deng Bol
There is a big difference with HART as a charity because HART works with local partners on the ground and Lady Cox travels there to ensure your donations are having the maximum effect and as founder and CEO she provides advocacy based on the real facts found on the ground and seen with her own eyes and those of her dedicated team.

The picture here is of Baroness Cox on her visit to the HART partner, Archbishop Moses Deng Bol, and community members as they welcome Baroness Cox to Nyieth School in South Sudan. HART has been helping finance a new classroom build there as well as other much needed support through advocacy.

This year your donations has helped -

  • 1 newly constructed dam and sustainable development planting scheme in Burma
  • 140 day trips and summer holidays for the disabled children in Nagorno - Karabakh
  • 550 food hampers and emergency supplies for families returning home to Syria this winter
  • 950 emergency support packs for displaced people in South Sudan 
Should you decide to help and support HART you can do so here on the donate button or visit the donation page on HART's website. 


Lady Cox was thrilled by the expansion of HART to the USA this year due to the kind generosity and support of Rob and Pippa Gerhard and Jonathan Spencer and the help of Lucy Clements who helped set up HART USA and enabling Lady Cox to reach out to the supporters in the United States. 

On the very first HART USA trip Lady Cox appeared on the Eric Metaxas Show and reached over 9000 views. Then later in the year the HART USA team managed to bring Lady Cox back again to talk at Bethel Church Redding where she received a wonderful welcome and also got to take part in a radio show and meet other great contacts. 

It has been an amazing start and foundation for HART USA and this would never have happened without the kind , dedicated support and effort of Rob, Pippa, Jonathan and Lucy. 

If you are reading from the USA you can donate to HART USA via the link here. You can also donate here. This is a huge thank you for all the hard work and support of the HART USA team. Lady Cox is looking forward to working with the HART USA team in the new year and hopefully meeting many of her readers there in the coming year. (Written by Andrew Haigh.)

 Sharing with you now is a wonderful blog post from one of our volunteers - 

 A Journey of Compassion
This is a blog post written by Ivan Corea, HART supporter and Volunteer who wrote about the HART Christmas Carol Concert

The HART Christmas Carol Concert was held on the 10th of December, at St.Cyprian’s Church, in London, attended by a huge gathering of well wishers and supporters of the charity. The event was a powerful reflection of a journey through life. 

Baroness Cox attends International Conference On Christian Persecution

Baroness Caroline Cox attended an International Conference On Christian Persecution, which was hosted in Budapest Hungary.

The mission remains: to find answers and solutions to the most neglected humanitarian and civilizational crisis of our time. Beyond raising international awareness, the primary aim of the conference is to foster closer cooperation between governments, governmental and non-governmental organisations and other actors concerned. Only through the coordination of resources and efforts and through joint endeavour is it possible to defend beleagured Christian communities living in crisis regions from the ever wider phenomenon of religious persecution and to support their return to their homelands.

Budapest, Hungary, Nov 26, 2019 / 03:00 pm- Patriarchs, cardinals, politicians, and Christians from across the globe are in Budapest this week for the International Conference on Christian Persecution.

“We have 245 million reasons to be here. This is how many people are persecuted daily because of their Christian belief,” Hungarian State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians Tristan Azbej said Nov. 26 as he opened the conference. you can read more about the conference here

Here are just some of the Twitter tweets about her ladyship at the event -

Baroness Cox says, Britain must stop ignoring Christian persecution in Nigeria,

Mai Adiko Reconciliation Project in Jos, bringing
Muslims and Christians together.
Britain must stop ignoring Christian persecution in Nigeria,

says Baroness Caroline Cox

IT HAS been five years since Nigeria’s Islamist Fulani herdsmen insurgency began. Thousands of civilians have been killed. Hundreds of Christian churches have been burned to rubble. Entire communities have been forced to abandon their homes and farmland.

Across northern and central-belt states, militant herdsmen continue to engage in an aggressive and strategic land-grabbing policy. They seek to replace diversity and difference with an Islamist ideology (similar to Boko Haram’s) which is imposed with violence on those who refuse to comply. It is – according to the Nigerian House of Representatives – genocide.