Baroness Cox Letter to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab Concerning Conflict on the Armenia-Azerbaijan Border

Baroness Cox has written to Dominic Rabb, the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, concerning the rising tensions and violence on the Armenia-Azerbaijani border. The letter of the 17th July reads as follows:

Dear Dominic,

I write to express my deep concerns about the serious risk of escalating conflict at the Armenia-Azerbaijani border – a matter of especial concern in the midst of a global pandemic.

Azerbaijan recently deployed artillery batteries close to civilian populations in Tavush, north-eastern Armenia, far north of the disputed territory of Nagorno Karabakh. I understand that four Armenian sergeants and officers were killed on 14 July. Ten servicemen are receiving medical treatment, one of whom remains in a critical condition.
I am deeply concerned by reports that the Azerbaijani military has since opened fire in the direction of a face mask production factory, which plays an essential part in the country’s coronavirus response; an attack this morning against a kindergarten in the village of Aygepar, Tavush; as well as reports that the Azeri Defence Minister has called for mass annihilation of the Armenian population and has threatened to target Armenia’s nuclear power station.

I also share widespread concerns about the recent pro-war demonstrations held in Baku, during which thousands of protestors demanded the Azeri government fully deploy the army, chanting “Death to Armenians”, with some even entering the national parliament.

Given the UK’s longstanding commitment to work with the Armenian government and international partners to ensure security in the region, I am writing to urge you to take a firm stance in condemning this threat to peace, to take immediate steps to promote de-escalation of the conflict and to support Armenia as it seeks to protect its territorial integrity.

Yours ever,

The Baroness Cox

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  1. Thank you for speaking up. Means the world to the Armenian people.