Baroness Cox’s Statement on the Return of Patients and Staff to the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre in Nagorno Karabakh

Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre
Baroness Cox’s Statement on the Return of Patients and Staff to the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre in Nagorno Karabakh

“In all the years I have had the privilege of visiting Armenia and Artsakh, I have always been profoundly impressed by the courage and resilience of the people, who always find ways of showing light in real darkness.

The commitment of Vardan and his team to re-open the rehabilitation centre so soon after the war is a great example of this. Almost all the staff have returned with Vardan and are providing greatly needed help for their patients and for new patients including soldiers injured in the war.

They truly represent the spirit of Armenia, with their courage, resilience, and love for those in need.”  (Baroness Caroline Cox)

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Press release from HART: As a new year begins, HART is delighted to report that patients and staff have returned to the Lady Cox Disability Rehabilitation Centre in Stepanakert, Nagorno Karabakh.

The Centre was tragically evacuated during the 44 days of fighting which gripped the region in September, October, and November 2020. During the war, the Centre's founder and director Vardan Tadevosyan and two staff members remained in Stepanakert to provide care and support to the vulnerable who were unable to leave the region. All other staff were evacuated alongside the patients and staff worked tirelessly to provide care to as many patients as possible. However, only so much could be done without access to the Centre's facilities.

Thankfully, the majority of patients and staff have now returned to the Centre. All facilities at the Centre are up and running again other than the hydrotherapy pool and we are happy to report that the specialised sub-centre for the treatment of children with autism and cerebral palsy has also re-opened.

Additionally, the Centre is now accommodating soldiers injured in the recent conflict. This has increased patient numbers substantially and Vardan expects the number of patients receiving treatment this year to double to approximately 2000. This is providing a new challenge for the Centre, one which Vardan and his staff are meeting willingly and enthusiastically.

Patients who have yet to return to the Centre in Stepanakert continue to receive treatment via home visits.

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