Baroness Cox’s Three Questions and Answers from the House of Lords: Myanmar

1) Question for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Myanmar: Military Coups

Baroness Cox to ask Her Majesty's Government what is their policy on taking part in meetings that include representatives of the Burmese military regime who seized power in a military coup on 1 February. Asked 21 June 2021

Answered 5 July 2021 By Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon (Conservative, Life peer)

The UK Government condemns the military in Myanmar, the violence against the people of Myanmar and the detention of members of the civilian government and civil society, including State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myint. To this end, the UK has sanctioned the State Administration Council (SAC) and military members of the SAC to send a clear message that we oppose their activities. We are engaging with the junta where required for the functioning of the Embassy, for example with regard to the protection of British Nationals. The UK will also have to attend meetings where the junta's representatives are present but we are clear this in no way indicates support for the regime.

Original Source UIN HL1229

2) Myanmar: United Nations

To ask Her Majesty's Government what representations they have made to the UN for the UN Secretary General to lead a delegation to Myanmar. Asked 21 June 2021

Answered 5 July 2021 By Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon (Conservative, Life peer)

The UK has supported the idea of a high level UN visit to Myanmar. At the UN Security Council we have expressed support for efforts by the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General to visit Myanmar. The Security Council Presidential Statement, secured on 10 March, called for the Special Envoy to visit the country as soon as possible. We welcomed the strong statements from the UN Secretary General in response to the coup and subsequent violence. The Prime Minister and the Minister for South Asia and the Commonwealth have both discussed the situation in Myanmar with the UN Secretary General. The Minister for Asia also met with the United Nations Special Envoy to register the UK's extreme concern at the coup in Myanmar and the arbitrary detention of democratically elected politicians and members of civil society by the military. We also reiterated our support for the UN Special Envoy and condemn the fact that the junta are denying her access into Myanmar.

UIN HL1230

3) Myanmar: Arms Trade

To ask Her Majesty's Government which countries they have contacted regarding the introduction of an arms embargo on Myanmar. Asked 21 June 2021

Answered 5 July 2021 By Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon (Conservative, Life peer)

The UK is a longstanding supporter of an arms embargo on Myanmar. We are clear that no one should sell arms to Myanmar. The UK worked to secure a strong G7 statement on the 3 and 23 February urging all countries to immediately suspend arms sales to Myanmar. On 5 May, the UK secured a G7 Foreign and Development Ministers' Meeting Communiqué that committed G7 members to continue to prevent the supply of arms and technical assistance to the military. The G7 Leaders' Communiqué of 13 June reaffirmed G7 unity on pursuing additional measures should they prove necessary. On 18 June, the UK worked with partners to deliver a UN General Assembly Resolution which urged member states to prevent the flow of arms to Myanmar. We will continue to work closely with partners and through multilateral institutions, such as the UN Security Council, to apply pressure directly on those who sell arms to the military.

Original Source UIN HL1231

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