Baroness Cox Question for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Nigeria: Fulani

Baroness Cox Question for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Nigeria: Fulani

To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment they have made of (1) reports that Islamist Fulani militia continue to perpetrate massacres and kidnapping in Nigeria, and (2) the designation of Nigeria as a country of particular concern by the US International Religious Freedom Act; and what steps they have taken in response. Asked 7 June 2021

Answered 21 June 2021 By Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon (Conservative, Life peer)

The UK Government condemns all incidents of intercommunal violence in Nigeria, which have had devastating effects on communities of different faiths and ethnicities. It is inaccurate to attribute sole responsibility to one ethnic group, the Fulani, and terms like militia risk fuelling tensions between communities. During the Minister for Africa's visit to Nigeria in April, he raised the importance of protecting all communities. We are working with our partners in Nigeria to promote intercommunal and interfaith dialogue, and continue to call for solutions that address the underlying causes of conflict.

We also condemn kidnaps in Nigeria, including the recent kidnaps and killings of students in Northern Nigeria. Those responsible must be held to account. We have provided mentoring and capacity building support to Nigerian Police Force units to improve their anti-kidnap capacity, to help reduce harm to victims and hold those responsible to account.

The decision by the United States to designate Nigeria as a Country of Particular Concern for Religious Freedom is a matter for the United States government. The UK is committed to promoting and protecting the right to freedom of religion or belief around the world. We are a strong voice internationally in defense of this fundamental right and promoting respect between communities of different religions and those of no religion.

Original Source UIN HL728

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  1. If PM ensured to protect ALL communities, can Lord Ahmad and Baroness Cox explain publicly why only 2 days ago a Nigerian military airforce, consisting mostly of Fulani soldiers, bombed a Christian Igbo village leaving a carnage and over 50 dead? Isnt Nigeria a secular state? Similarly, Shia Muslim ANC Muslim communities willing to marry non Muslims are being targeted by Fulani government of Nigeria - leader Zakzaky was imprisoned for virtually nothing, the whole town was bombed in 2017! How is it possible that in so called peacetime a MILITARY airforce bombs citizens of their own country and no international agency, newspaper responded? If United Kingdom is indeed so committed to promoting and protecting the right to freedom of religion or belief around the World, should it not make at least a statement concerning the medieval type of forced islamisation in Northern Nigeria and bombing of Christians and Jews in South and South East of Nigeria? Moreover, should not United Kingdom make a statement to extrajudicial removal - in fact a kidnap - of peaceful Biafra Movement IPOB Leader Mr Mazi Nnamdi Kanu ten days ago when he as a British Citizen was kidnapped, tortured for over a week in Kenya and Nigeria? Who is responsible for such a brutality?!
    Nigeria is a massive problem which needs to be dealt with rather earlier than later if United Kingdom doesn't want to loose out on African continent. These are sensitive diplomatic issues which should be dealt with with a relevant care and detail, in the name of peaceful and prosperous future of United Kingdom, Africa and the World. The issue must be dealt with asap, not throw the hot potato (Nigeria/Biafra) from UK to USA and back - meanwhile other countries build their economy, for example China. There is no more time to linger, just follow international protocol on nation independence and right for sovereignty as established in UN charter. I believe that afterwards the problem of West Africa will be dealt with by West Africans and United Kingdom can give more energy towards it's own citizens welfare in middle of coronavirus and Brexit, building own economy holding onto a good part of its reputation there rather than loosing it by increasingly emerging fiasco of its international relations by grasping onto illusionary power over the Commonwealth.
    Thank you