Baroness Cox: We are prolonging the war in Syria. Islamic State is far worse than Assad

Baroness Cox: 
We are prolonging the war in Syria. Islamic State is far worse than Assad

Originally Published 24th April 2018 on Premier Christianity 

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Hours after airstrikes by the US, Britain and France, a delegation of Church leaders and peers from the UK travelled to Syria. Widely criticised by the national newspapers for peddling propaganda for the Assad regime, one of the delegates, Christian peer and human rights campaigner, Baroness Caroline Cox appeared on Premier Christian Radio's News Hour to share her side of the story

We visited Damascus, Homs, Aleppo and the Christian town of Maaloula, which had been taken by Islamic State, and we met a wide range of people. It was a pastoral visit. We were invited by the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch, the Grand Mufti and other Church leaders.

Talking to Syrian people, everybody whom we met including the Church leaders, say that the alternative to Bashar al-Assad would be much, much worse. For some they have actually moved to appreciating the fact that it is he, with Russian help, who’s helped to get most of Syria rid of ISIS and all the other Islamist terrorists. They’re the greatest enemy of all, with the atrocities they perpetrate. You don’t hear much about that on our media here.