Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre - “It’s not just a Center,” said Dr. Dorian.

Wonderful comment in this news paper about the Lady Cox rehabilitation centre

Dr. Dorian shared insights about the invaluable work of the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Center, first established in 2000 through a partnership of local health officials and then-Speaker of United Kingdom’s House of Lords, Baroness Caroline Cox (a trained nurse).

“It’s not just a Center,” said Dr. Dorian. “A center connotes walls and a building – a box. The Lady Cox Rehabilitation program thinks outside of the box – actually it’s created an environment where there is no box – serving the people in their homes and villages throughout Artsakh.”

The Baroness Cox Rehabilitation Center provides high-quality, specialized medical care each year to approximately 1,000 local and regional patients, and has treated over 15,000 to date. Among those receiving treatment – both at the Center and in their homes – are patients with spinal cord injuries, elderly stroke victims, and infants and children born with disabilities, such as cerebral palsy and spina bifida. The Lady Cox Center sends trained rehabilitation nurses to communities across Artsakh, serving those who do not have access to the Stepanakert location. The Center strives to dispel cultural stigmas, many rooted in the Soviet-era, associated with disabilities, and works – via speech, occupational and other therapies – to ensure that its patients are given the opportunity to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Baroness Cox speaking up for the people of Syria
Here is the link to the recent question by Baroness Cox about Ghouta, Syria 

My Lords, is the Minister aware that Eastern Ghouta has been occupied by ISIS and other jihadist groups, such as the Army of Islam, which have been bombing Damascus for years—I saw that bombing coming in when I was last in Damascus— and that recently the shelling on Damascus has become so intense that the sky is blackened, especially over Christian areas, and reports are coming in that many people have been killed and injured in Damascus itself? Does the Minister therefore agree that one of the best ways forward would be for those who support the jihadis, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, to encourage them to accept the peace arrangements that have been offered to them by the Government of Syria, which would shorten the suffering which everyone sees and knows is horrendous?

Reply -

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon Minister of State
The noble Baroness talks about peace, and of course any initiative which is aimed at that is important. But let us be clear. She raises an important point about groups that operate within Syria. She knows that I am aware of this and that I support ensuring that they are not armed in a way which can cause further destruction to Syria. But at the same time, when we look at the situation in Syria today, the continuing war has been caused by the persistence of the Assad regime. It is backed by Russia, which is why we are imploring Russia to take action. What we are seeing happening in Eastern Ghouta is because of what the Assad regime is doing. It needs to relent in its bombardment, and action needs to be taken so that we can get the 700 people who need medical aid out and provide humanitarian assistance to the 400,000 under siege.