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If you are looking to support or sponsor a new charity then look no further than - HART (Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust) started in 2004 when it became a UK registered charity (1107341) and the founder Baroness Caroline Cox wanted to be able to give aid and advocacy for war torn lives a voice to the voiceless and aid to those in need who might have slipped off the radar of the politicians and media.

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Now in its 14th successful year HART is unique as a charity due to HART’s CEO and founder, Baroness Cox, exercises her unique position in the House of Lords to advocate for our local partners and raise awareness of human rights issues in their countries. Here are some of the highlights from Baroness Cox from the latest news letter-

"I would like to share three examples where our partners dedicate themselves with inspirational commitment in very challenging situations:

Dr. Sasa, whose precious Training Centre for Community Health Workers in remote jungle in Chin State was destroyed by a cyclone, has been working hard to raise funds to rebuild the Centre and continue his life-saving training programme. 

Vardan continues to extend transformational care for people with disabilities in his Centre and for families living in more remote locations. Vardan is characteristically humble: when I congratulated him on his phenomenal achievements, he simply said ‘You gave me the wings, so I could fly’.

Archbishop Moses Deng, in wartorn South Sudan, risked going to prison for borrowing money from local traders to buy food for hundreds of people who had fled to his compound, dying of starvation. He works tirelessly to rebuild schools, clinics and to develop agriculture to enable people to grow their own food and not to have to rely on ‘hand outs’. 

Thank you for helping these and all our partners to fulfil their visions of living the ‘Christmas message’ of ‘Love in Action’ which is also the mission and mandate of HART. " (Baroness Cox)

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